Rivermouth Timelapse
September 27, 2011


Two images photographed two months apart while the river slowed at the end of summer. The River mouth Time lapse Album from January to August can be sen here:

The Transformation
September 21, 2011


Fall colors brightening the day. Time to strengthen the core and be ready for solid winter surf.

Crowd Surfing
September 16, 2011


Zack jumped in and felt the love during his solo on the accordion. Berkeley Oct. 5th, 2010

Jack Johnson Tour
September 15, 2011


Jack and Zee Avi meeting and jamming together for the first time. Zee and G Love were the opening bands each night for the west coast Oct. 2010 All At Once Tour. Jack hired my wife and I to help out the entire way from Vancouver to San Diego. Each nights photos were posted the next day. The organic food from each town, collaborations and recycling awareness were a treat to be a part of. And the music and sincerity made it an absolute stellar time.

Free Morgan PSA!
September 12, 2011


This is a good cause I just worked on. Show support, don’t visit Sea World and send an email to the Netherlands Government, Thanks !

Little mini Peelers
September 11, 2011


Surf check dream time. Long lines, hollow sections, warm and sunny.

Framed Show interview
September 10, 2011


Thanks to the film crew at Framed for sharing my story.

Pelicans in flight
September 07, 2011


Pelicans riding the same waves we ride and offshore wind all along the coast.

Dan and Dave
September 06, 2011


Ran into these two cool cats a couple days ago.

Empty Peak
September 05, 2011


Labor Day celebrations took time off to ride a few waves.

Fibonacci Shell
September 04, 2011


The Fibonacci spiral, an unfolding and folding universal spinning wave.

A Dogs Life
September 01, 2011


One of the best things about being home is hanging with our dog. It’s amazing how much of his simple wisdom can be learned when I take the time to listen.

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